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  1. Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:31:39 PM America/New_York

    White Party Attire!

    Whether or not you have tickets to our upcoming White Party Fashion Show event, let's talk what to wear.  White, off white, cream- it all works!  There is nothing more chic and sophisticated than head to toe white.  The look is both crisp and polished.  The fun part is styling the rest of your look to make it your own.
    From jewels and fancies to prints or a pop of color, the possibilities are endless which allows you to truly bring your personal touch to top of your desired look.  We are currently carrying so many items to help you get started for your attire at our event (or any event for that matter).  Please, do not be discouraged that someone, or several ladies rather, may show up wearing the same article of clothing as you.  This is where it gets exciting, trust me!  Choose your style, wear it with confidence, and enjoy what others have done.  Be inspired, be encouraged, and help support one another.  It is so important to lift each other up and send positive vibes to our peers.    
    Purses, totes, clutches- have fun with this!  Mix patterns, add some flare, and bring your best.  Play it up with your jewelry and send a message with your shoes.  Perhaps a scarf, headband, or little jacket is the finishing touch you need.  
    Stop in and choose your outfit.  Not sure what works for you?  Let us help!  At Sofi Stella, we don't intend to "bother" you while shopping.  We truly strive to help you and assist in your search for perfection.  Just browsing?  No problem.  Look around, try it on, see what you like.  Have a question, not sure what to pair something with?  We are here to help you.  If you ever find yourself leaving our store not sure how to style what you've just purchased but know you love it and couldn't leave without it...let us know.  I will personally help you come up with some options and share some styling tips to make you feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly, like yourself.  
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  2. Tuesday, June 9, 2015 9:57:30 AM America/New_York
    Let's talk about how to dress up for a sporting event without sacrificing your personal style. I like to be dressed up and personally am not a huge fan of t-shirts. So I have to find ways around this. I like to be festive and show my spirit at sporting events but I need a little something extra to still feel dressy and put together. You may have been noticing more and more Game Day looks and styles lately with so many ways to show you're a fan in a fun way. I have a tendency to rush out and buy something new for an event then only wear it again later while doing yard work. Seems like a waste to me. Taking a simple peek through your closet for items in team colors is a great way to start. Sofi Stella has some great summer tops to help keep you stylish at your event! Check out some options we have styled for the Detroit Tigers fashionista below. It’s a very easy and simple look I prefer over a traditional hoodie or tee and jeans- but trust me, there is nothing wrong with that either!! It’s all preference of course. If you have team color jewelry or beads to add to your attire, by all means, bling it up! What will you choose? Need some help? Stop in and we will be happy to assist you in your look!Read More
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  3. Monday, June 1, 2015 12:37:19 PM America/New_York


    Mixing Prints -
    Mixing prints sometimes can take a little practice but with the right pieces, it can be oh so fun!  Let's take a look at a few simple suggestions to get you started. 
    Stripes go with pretty much anything, without fail.  Pairing options with gingham, plaid, geometrics, florals, and polka dots to name a few.  You can even try the same shape if you are working with one print that is small and another that is large.  For example, tiny dots on top with large polka dots on bottom is very fun. 
    Be confident in your decision when choosing items to mix.  Look for a color concept when in doubt so that you are matching colors not the actual prints.  Black and white is always going to be your easiest go to option.   You also want to spread your prints out from head to toe so they aren't cluttered altogether.
    Mixing prints doesn't just mean top and bottom.  Your shoes, purse, or cuff, may be the piece that you're playing with.  Don't be afraid to give it a try, you never know what creations you may come up with when you let your style's imagination run wild.


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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  4. Tuesday, May 19, 2015 8:58:56 AM America/New_York
    Maxi Lovin!
    Maxi dresses are so perfect for not only this time of year, but pretty much year round.  They are a definitive staple piece to any wardrobe.  Being that it's one piece from head to toe, you're pretty much set in your outfit choice, with the exception of adding in a few statement accessory pieces.  
    I like to keep the feet simple, especially on a floor length maxi since it's likely you won't be showing off your feet very much.  I personally don't like to wear anything too tall in a heel while wearing maxi dresses because I like to be comfortable and don't want my shoe getting caught in the fabric of the skirt.  
    Your bag depends much on the event or outing.  From a large tote to a small clutch, the choice is yours.  Don't be afraid to mix prints and patterns.  If your dress is one color, definitely add in some print or a pop of contrasting color (when in doubt, choose animal print!).  There is also something very chic and classic about the black and tan look. A black maxi with a tan clutch is a DO!  
    Arm candy is a great way to accessorize and accentuate a maxi.  You never want to take away from a piece, but rather add to it.  The goal is to find items that compliment one another.  
    Sofi Stella carries some gorgeous maxi dresses in many styles.  From dressy to casual, you are guaranteed to find that staple maxi for your closet.  Believe it or not, you can continuously change up the look of one maxi simply by the accessories you choose.  From easy strands and simple totes for a casual style, or statement pieces and a glittery clutch for a more glamorous option.  Are you Maxi Lovin?
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  5. Wednesday, April 29, 2015 8:46:26 PM America/New_York

    Let's talk Persnickety!

    Sofi Stella truly is a Women's and Children's Boutique. What is more fun than dressing up ourselves? Dressing up our sweets, of course! From infant to size 7 in both girls and boys clothing, there are many adorable styles for the little ones waiting in store and online. Whether you have a special event coming up, a photo session booked, or just want something different and unique in that "boutique" style, Sofi Stella is your one stop shop.
    Now, let's talk Persnickety! This line of clothing is special in so many ways. Expertly designed, carefully detailed, and patterned to perfection, the outfits do not disappoint. What is most wonderful about this line of clothing that Sofi Stella carries, is their "Buying is Giving" program. This means, that every piece of clothing sold, a portion of the proceeds go to helping children in need. Whether you purchase an item as a gift or for your own little one's closet, YOU are helping a child across the country, around the world, by donating to those that are less fortunate. With so many gorgeous and coordinating items, we can help you style the whole group. Persnickety is a line that you simply cannot go wrong with. (Insert stock photos of items available)
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  6. Monday, April 20, 2015 7:30:47 PM America/New_York

    Sofi Stella has some fabulous new dresses available. Everything from the fit, the color, and the patterns make them simply amazing and a must for your closet. Let's talk necklines...on round necklines, I like to use long layered strands of necklaces. While statement necklaces are perfectly fine if you so choose, long layers seem to fit the look best. You want to take note of the material and make sure if you are wearing a statement style necklace that the backing on it isn't going to snag the material.


    On higher necklines, statement necklaces help add a collar, or bib to the overall look. When you have a dress with a cut-out neckline, you can add a necklace to fit and fill the space, however, you don't want to take away from the detail of the cut out, rather, you want to enhance it. If in doubt, again, choose longer strands. A 3/4 length sleeve is great for so many reasons. It keeps you warmer in cooler weather if you're outside or perhaps in an office that's air conditioned.

    Other ways to add warmth would be to pair your dresses with ankle booties, perhaps peep toes, or even peep toe mules. A light weight vest can add extra warmth as well. You can still wear these dresses into summer, especially for an evening out! Instead of bringing a light jacket on a cooler evening, the longer length in the sleeves will help keep you warm. Some great options for the feet in warmer temps would be strappy sandals, wedges, pumps, or even flats. The patterns truly allow for the dresses to speak for themselves so you don't need a lot of accessorizing if you prefer to keep your jewelry simple. Accessories should add that little something extra to a piece, not distract from it. You can choose to wear these casually or dressed up depending on your event. They are all so versatile making it a great staple piece to your spring/summer attire!

    These dresses are so wonderful and most of all, extremely comfortable. The looser fit will still help to create a sleek line without leaving you feeling restricted. Have you ordered one yet? Stop in or order online for in-store pickup or delivery to your door. These styles here are fitting true to size, so grab one today before they're gone! Meghan Westbrook


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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  7. Sunday, April 12, 2015 8:32:21 PM America/New_York

    "How to style sequin leggings" Let's talk sequins! By now you've seen them, love them, want them...but how do you wear them? They can be a little intimidating, and you may also be wondering how you can pull them off, or perhaps if you even can pull them off. Of course you can! Let me give you some options and tips you can try so that you feel confident while wearing your pair or ease your decision into whether or not owning a pair is right for you.

    First, you should know that not all styles are created equal. Keep in mind these are leggings, and will fit as such. However, the sequins will take into account the amount of stretching ability they offer. Once on, I promise they will fit like a glove and be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Tops that look flawless with sequin leggings are Tunics, Button Downs, Sheer, and Tees. You can have fun with prints and material, but you should pay attention that your top doesn't have too much bling so that it's taking away from the leggings. Overall, the same rules apply whether you're wearing regular leggings or sequin leggings, in that you want to make sure you have the right balance to compliment your shape and produce a polished silhouette.

    Enjoy some looks styled from articles directly off the racks at Sofi Stella.

    Everything seen here is available in store or by shopping online.       Meghan L. Westbrook

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  8. Friday, April 10, 2015 7:34:06 PM America/New_York

    Sofi Stella is thrilled to add Meghan to our fashion team! Here is a little info about her!


    My name is Meghan and I am thrilled to be a part of the Sofi Stella Team!

    I'm a proud wife and mother residing here in the community. I'm a lover of all things fashion and beauty, photography, and living a healthy lifestyle. As a working mother of 3, I know how busy life can get. I have always taken pride in my eye for style and love all things fashion. It's important for women to feel empowered, be inspired, and encouraged. My goal is to help someone feel beautiful, when they don't...lift them up, when they're feeling down...and bring out their confidence, when it is lacking. I feel beyond blessed for this opportunity to be a part of this amazing team. I am thrilled to put my skills to use and help bring in some unique styles that best fit your own personality!

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  9. Tuesday, March 24, 2015 1:06:27 PM America/New_York

    What an amazing night we had at our Spring Fashion Show! We can't thank all of our guests enough for coming out and making this such an unforgettable evening! Today, I just want to hit a few of the highlights from that evening, and showcase some of our favorite looks!


     Vests are so popular this spring, and Sofi Stella has the cutest selection for you to choose from! These vests are lightweight, and the perfect layer for these not-so-warm spring days we've been having!


    Dresses! So many of you beautiful women spend your days in an office. These dresses are perfectly work-appropriate, while not sacrificing any of the style you love!



    Are you going somewhere warm for Spring Break?? We have your days by the pool covered with our fun beach pants and cover ups! We even have some gorgeous bags to carry all of your pool-side essentials!



    Finally, we have PURSES! A great clutch is essential for a night out! Our clutches are gorgeous, and come with a removable shoulder strap for great versatility! This is just one of many styles to choose from! For those days of errand running, we have a selection of totes that can fit everything you need to get through the day! A little surprise hides inside.... a second smaller bag that can act as a clutch!



    Ladies, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the beautiful pieces we offered at our show! There is so much more in the store to choose from, and new pieces come in almost daily!


    Take the time to check out all of the photos from that night by clicking here!





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    • Posted By: Erika Reigel
  10. Thursday, March 5, 2015 9:01:26 PM America/New_York

    It's FRIDAY! Or, as I like to call it, Fri-YAY! For some reason, it's a little easier to get moving on Friday mornings. We've survived another work week, the weekend is just in sight, and, just maybe, we have a hot date for that evening! If you're anything like me, you want date night, or any fun plans you may have, to start ASAP. This is when an outfit that can go from the office to a nice dinner with little or no effort is key!

    A bright blazer is so perfect for an easy transition from day to night! If your office participates in Casual Friday, and allows you to wear jeans to the office, this outfit is going to be a great choice! This hot pink blazer is lightweight, and has an easy, not-too-structured fit that creates effortless style. The material is dressy enough for the office, but can just as easily go out on the town! These Miss Me skinny jeggings are so slimming, and the dark wash gives them a sophisticated finish! If you're not able to wear jeans to the office, throw on some skinny black pants, and you're good to go! We've paired the outfit with fun cheetah print heels for an unexpected pop of pattern!


    This look is completely different, with a sweeter, more delicate touch. This dusty blue crocheted cardigan is so girly and feminine. The details around the hems are just beautiful, and the tied waist creates a flattering silhouette. We're really loving white pants this season, and this cardigan looks beautiful with them! Wear this outfit with cute metallic flats during the day at work, then slip into some great pumps to head out for the evening!  


    Whether you're looking for the perfect date night outfit, or something to spice up your work wardrobe, Sofi Stella has the perfect pieces for you! Enjoy the weekend, friends! Make it a GREAT one! 





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    • Posted By: Erika Reigel
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