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  1. Thursday, December 3, 2015 6:48:01 AM America/New_York
    The Essentials Gift Guide
    The holidays are officially upon us.  Are you as excited as we are?  We have been so busy running deals, specials, and giveaways as of late and we appreciate every single one of you.  What's left on your list?  Maybe you haven't started? It's ok, we're here to help you out with some of our great essentials.  Co-workers, babysitters, hairdressers, friends, and loved ones- we have got you covered with some amazing gifts in store. 
    Jewelry is probably the easiest go to item for any lovely lady on your list.  I'm not talking diamonds and pearls here, lovely they are, but you need something fun, trendy, and priced right.  Bangles and bracelets are a great choice to spice up a wardrobe.  Necklaces add style and character whether it's adding a piece of flare to a simple top or dressing up that holiday attire.  A fabulous pair of earrings is always a showstopper.
    Being cozy in these cooler temps is a must.  Just think, that beautiful blanket scarf will be the perfect reminder she is both loved and treasured every time she wraps up in it and thinks of you.  Boot cuffs, both monogrammed and trendy are waiting to add that perfect touch to a fabulous pair of boots.  Beanies, oh the beanies, are so on trend right now, we can hardly keep them in stock!  We have a great selection still available with much more to come.  All of these items are perfect for any age.  We all need to keep warm and being trendy on top of that, isn't a bad thing.  
    Clutches, candles, and desk accessories are perfect items for your bookworm.  She can toss her clutch in her backpack, complete homework in the presence of a delightful scent, while taking notes with her Lily Pulitzer pen.  
    Our gorgeous headbands are great for teens.  Those mornings we fall a little behind, toss our hair in a pony or bun but still want to look put together can literally come together buy adding a sparkly headband.  Let's not forget the beautiful headbands and bows for the little ladies.  We have several styles, colors, and prints to choose from.  
    For our sweet little princes and princesses, we carry toys.  Yes toys!  Coloring, puzzles, plushies and dolls...grab something unique you won't find at major department stores.  
    Let's not forget the expecting mothers and new moms out there.  We love things for baby.  OK, we enjoy a little something something for ourselves, but a memorable baby blanket, hat, frame, Santa rattle, or teething necklace (yes, that would be teething jewelry) make for very special gift items.
    As a women's and children's boutique, we carry so much more than just clothing.  Stop in and let us help you with your holiday shopping.  Tell us who you're shopping for and we will point you in the right direction.  Who knows, you may even find something for yourself;) 
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  2. Wednesday, November 11, 2015 10:08:37 PM America/New_York

    Holiday Style Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. From work parties to family get togethers, church events, and other probably need something a little extra to help dress you up. We have many choices in stock to suit your style and need ranging from casual to dressy. We showcased many new items in our holiday fashion show a couple weeks back. Incase you missed it, don't worry. We still have plenty of our popular pieces available with much, much more yet to arrive. Amazing dresses with gorgeous detail are an easy go to piece. Adding a stunning pair of earrings or statement clutch can easily complete the look. With simple colors, add a pair of red high heels to give yourself a little holiday flare. Dark tights will help keep your legs warm or go bare with a killer pair of OTK boots (over-the-knee). A gorgeous sequined jacket or blazer will also help keep you warm and compliment your overall attire. Check out some of the great pieces we have in store and online. If you're looking for a skirt option that is less restricted, you're in luck. Styling a skirt can be fun. Try a sweater, blouse, or a seamless top. A skirt with fabulous a print doesn't call for much above. For example, take a sparkly skirt, add a fitted/simple top, then finish with a beautiful statement necklace. Skinnies and high-waisted flare pants can be another great option. Skinnies and oversized sweaters or cardigans is always a lovely pairing. A scarf or beanie can help round out the look and give it the holiday cheer it needs to be complete. High waisted, flared bottoms or regular rise flares look great with a seamless cami and a jacket. Stop in if you're local and let us help get you ready for your upcoming event. Prefer to order by phone? We would love to chat with you about your event and style preference so we can assist in offering you some wonderful choices. If you know exactly what you're looking for, shop away online. Orders over $75 always ship free. -- Meghan L Westbrook

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  3. Wednesday, November 4, 2015 6:51:53 AM America/New_York



    What's the skinny?

    Fall brings us some of the best...from leaves, to colors, the great outdoors, and best of all...fall fashion.  Chillier temps call for warmer attire which definitely calls for denim.
    We have some amazing boutique skinny jeans in stock at Sofi Stella.  With two washes, medium and dark, in store, we can certainly suit your need.  We carry a brand that is super comfortable with an amazing overall feel.  
    Our mid-rise fit is extremely flattering and fun to style.  What makes styling so fun?  Simply the fact that you can literally wear anything on top to compliment them.  If you're feeling bold, crop it out.  A hip length shirt will still keep you covered.  A long, tunic option, looks just as chic with skinny jeans as it does with leggings.  
    How do you dress your feet with skinnies?  This sleek style will allow for tall boots to fit over nicely.  Our monogram boot cuffs look super cute with tall boots and a great pair of skinny jeans.  With a dressier top you can wear pumps.  Pumps will dress up the look overall, even if your top is more casual.  Ankle booties are another great option.  If you are feeling concerned with the way the top of your shoe meets the bottom of your jeans, cuffing your skinnies is a simple and effective fix.  If you're going for comfy and casual, flats, sneaks, or a great pair of Converse can do the trick.  
    Stop in and try a pair on for yourself.  Fitting true to size, we can help you find the perfect top to compliment your style.  
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  4. Monday, October 12, 2015 6:58:25 AM America/New_York

    Ponchos and Pullovers

    You have probably noticed by now that ponchos are a major trend in Fall Fashion 2015.  A poncho is essentially a cape, and there is nothing more chic and fabulous than a cape.  You have the option of wearing a poncho as outerwear or as part of your essential wardrobe.  Either way, it's up to you, but it most certainly is a staple piece you'll want to add to your closet this season.  
    If you follow our blog, you know that I talk a lot about layers.  Layers upon layers, in fact.  This is why I personally love fall fashion more than any other season.  As the temps begin to rise throughout the day, you simply peel off layers and continue to create new looks.  Think about that.  You get dressed in the morning and by the end of the day you may have shown off four different looks and styles.  It is challenging to stay trendy in chilly temps.  Remember my tip: always hide a statement necklace under your (blanket) scarf so that when you do take it off at some point, you aren't left feeling bare.  
    Now, back to ponchos and why you need one.  It's an easy layering piece that requires minimal styling effort.  It typically doesn't matter what you wear underneath, especially if you plan to keep it on all day.  They are loose fitting, unlike a coat or a sweater, which will leave you feeling less restricted.  The design and style can help hide some of those unwanted areas as well.
    A poncho can be worn casually or formally.  Add a little flare to a swanky pair of shorts or top off a sleek pair of pants.  There are so many colors, prints, designs, and cuts to choose from.  Stop in and see what Sofi Stella has in store for you.  
    Let's move on to pullovers.  They can be fitted, loose, or oversized.  You can wear a tank or cami underneath if you don't plan to take it off throughout the day.  A collared shirt popping through looks ultra sophisticated.  It adds extra warmth and portrays an illusion of being more "dressed up".  
    At Sofi Stella we strive to bring you the best as always.  We are closer to completing and unveiling our new addition in order to add more styles and fashion that you love.  Please, keep following us on Instagram, Facebook, our website, and visiting our blog.  Your support is appreciated and your style is upon you.    
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  5. Wednesday, September 30, 2015 11:37:00 AM America/New_York

    Your Best Vest

    Sofi Stella has new arrivals almost daily.  You know it's a hot trend when it sells out quickly.  Vests are in- both in store and totally in style.  Which one will be your best vest this fall?
    A vest can be a great staple piece in your wardrobe.  It's an extremely easy layering item.  A fur vest for example, is very comfortable and super versatile.  You can pair one easily with a simple shirt and jeans, a dress, pants, or skirt.  It adds warmth on a chilly day and simply put, a stylish touch.  
    A puffer vest is probably the easiest winter staple, easily transitioned from fall.  With so many prints, colors, and fabrics to chose from, a lightweight puffer vest can instantly dress up a casual top.  Check out the plaid, pinstriped and checkered selections we offer. 
    Prefer something soft and flowy? We have some amazing black and cream vests in stock.  Does a waterfall front, high-low style sound right to you?  We've got you covered.  A long vest looks great with faux leather skinnies and leggings, while helping you feel a little more covered up.
    A duster style is another great trend for fall and we have a sleek black one in stock for you.  Just like a midi or tea-lengt skirt, a duster is sure to provide a length that is desirable and sophisticated. 
    Fall is officially upon us.  What's in your closet? --
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  6. Sunday, September 13, 2015 6:58:11 PM America/New_York

    Transitioning summer clothes into early fall

    In Michigan last week, we experienced fresh autumn weather in August.  But that was just a tease.  Now we are back to record high temps of course.  That little glimpse of fall can either make you extremely irritated with the realization that summer is indeed coming to an end soon, or make you slightly excited to fall into all that is autumn.  
    What do you wear when the air is crisp in the morning, hits 70 during the daytime, then slides back into a chill in the evening? Don't pack away summer just yet.  Try some of these tips to keep you feeling comfortable and just right all day long. 
    A longer sleeve with shorts and a closed toe shoe is an easy option. Blazers and jackets over a bright colored dress can still make a statement.  Long pants with a sleeveless top is always chic.  Dressy shorts over opaque tights can help fight the chill but still be light enough to keep your temp balanced throughout the day.  
    Keep your shorts, tanks, florals, and bright colors handy for a while yet.  Fall is all about layers.  Layers upon layers to be frank.  Get dressed in you favorite summer dress. Add a statement necklace.  Layer on a lightweight jacket followed by a scarf and some ankle booties.  If the temps rise later on, peel your layers off.  Take away the scarf that ended up as your focal point and there you have your statement necklace waiting to take over to complete your look.  Lastly, vests are the easiest layer to pile over a casual or dressy ensemble. 
    Do you wear white after labor day?  I do!  That rule is ancient, pretty much null and void nowadays.  Until there is snow on the ground, you can rock your white well into fall.  Later on you can move into softer whites, creams, taupes, and light grays- I like to call these "winter whites".  But we are talking fall, not winter, and it's still summer so let's not get ahead of ourselves! 
    Stop by or jump online to view our new arrivals for fall transitioning pieces.  Still not sure how to wear it?  Let us help.  We are happy, and furthermore, excited to style you!  
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  7. Tuesday, August 25, 2015 9:04:42 AM America/New_York

    How to wear a blanket scarf...

    Sofi Stella has blanket scarves in stock now.  Trust me, they go fast so don't be left without one this fall.  Priced on point, we have several styles available at less than department store prices!
    How do you wear your blanket scarf?  There is truly no wrong way.  Besides, a scarf that serves a duo purpose is a staple piece meant to be in your fall wardrobe.  
    A blanket scarf is a lot of fabric.  Don't be afraid.  First, try folding the scarf and wrap it around your neck as you would a bandana with the point down in front.  Wrap the ends around the back of your neck and bring back to the front.  Take each end through the top of the front V and pull down underneath.  Adjust fabric as needed and your set for one style.
    Next, try a braid.  Start the same way as before.  Take one side and go through the top to bottom again.  This time, take the other side and weave it around the first to create a braided or weaved style.  This will also help alleviate some bunching up front and give a more polished look.  
    Another simple style is to roll up your blanket scarf and simply wrap it around twice and tie in a simple, easy knot to bring the ends together creating the infinity look. 
    Have you ever tried wearing a blanket scarf like a vest? It's easy.  Start with a  simple shirt and your best pair of denim.  Option one: let the blanket fall down your back and pull the ends over top of your shoulders.  Pull down and wrap a big, chunky belt around your waist. Simply pull and tug around to give the illusion of a high-low vest.  Second option: Start with it centered around the back of your neck and pull the ends forward down your frontside.  Wrap a belt around your waist.  Maneuver the scarf around to your back to finish the look.  
    There are endless possibilities.  Have fun, get creative, and make it your own.  I can't stress enough how quickly these sell out, so hurry and grab one today. 
    Happy Styling!  
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  8. Wednesday, August 12, 2015 6:22:34 PM America/New_York

    White Party Fashion Show

    This time of year is bittersweet...while we are busy trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer, there is so much to look ahead for.  Fall is my personal favorite time of year.  From back to school, football, and orchards on the to do list, one thing the fashionista  gets most excited for is transitioning into fall wardrobe.  Warm are the days, but cool become the nights.  Let's review some amazing looks and staple pieces from our fashion show last week that are sure to keep you styling through the next several months.  
    Long sleeved rompers and halter top jumpsuits are easy transitions in themselves.  We featured many options in the show you can pair with lightweight jackets or tall boots. Solids, prints, and multiple fabric choices are now in.
    Have you noticed that 70's vibe?  Fringe,'s all coming back.  We have several options to get you started on your staple pieces and must haves this season.  Flared pants and fringe tops and vests are in store now.  Feeling a little Boho?  Check out our tops too.  Soft colors and fabric with crochet and flared sleeves are a trend you will want to be a part of.
    Plaid never goes out of style and simply put, it screams fall.  We have some fabulous plaid tops on hand for you to pair with shorts or jeans as the cool temps creep in.  Throw on one of our newly stocked camel suede hats to add a little "chic" in your life.  Not a hat person but all about that suede? You must try a pair of our new suede shorts in black or brown.
    Summer may be all about head to toe white, but let's flip that into fall and go head to toe black!   We have some great jumpsuits and cardi's that can ease you into day to night looks.  Whether you prefer lace or crochet, we have both.    
    One of my favorite closet staples is an easy poncho.  You can throw one over just about anything to feel instantly put together when you're pressed for time and running out the door.
    High-waisted anything is always a hit.  Synching at your waist line, it helps create such a flattering look on any body type.  Try on a pair of our high waisted pants in black or navy for a dressy look or our more casual pair in stripes and chevron.
    We love dresses- all styles!  From work to play, a party or wedding...we've got you covered.  
    Let's not forget accessories.  Our monogrammed pieces come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes.  They are excellent options for gifts or simply treating yourself. Chunky cuffs and bangles are in stock now in both silver and gold to accommodate your preferred metal type.  While the statement necklace is here to stay, long and layered strands are the perfect score to update your jewelry armoire.
    At Sofi Stella, we strive to carry pieces for everyone and every style type.  When you think outside the box, you can uncover so many ways to style a simple shirt or pair of pants.  If you love a piece but are not feeling confident how to style it, please ask us!  We will help you come up with ways to bring the item home with multiple styling option so you feel good about your purchase.
    Our Fashion Show last Friday was a hit to say the least.  With over a 100 looks featured, many of these sold out that night.  Are you local?  Then I encourage you to grab a friend or group of ladies and attend our holiday show later this year.  We are purchasing now, and trust me, you will not want to let these items slip away!
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  9. Thursday, July 23, 2015 7:57:27 AM America/New_York

    Sofi Stella is super excited to announce our new line of Activewear!

    We truly take you everywhere- from work, to play, and now to the gym. Sports bras, crops, tanks, shorts, and long leggings, are now live at Sofi Stella. Stop in or shop online to be "gym chic" in our latest workout apparel. You will find comfort and flexibly in this amazingly cute, moisture wicking material. What's more motivating than looking fabulous while you're breaking a sweat?

    You will be sure to stay dry and comfortable in the exercise-friendly designs we have chosen for you.

      We carry two styles in our sports bra tops. Whether you prefer a skinny strap or a wider band, both are sure to give you the support you need during your workout. Pair our matching tie-dye top with our fold over band crop leggings for a gym look that's sure to be a hit. Is a longer legging the style for you? We've got you covered there too. Whether you're at the gym or strolling around the block, pockets might just be a must for you. Our long leggings (similar to some high-end name brands out there) not only have a secret place for your cards, money, or cell phone, but are priced right on point. You don't ever need to sacrifice your style for affordability when you take the time to do a little research. That's exactly what we have done for you! We have found the look and comfort to help you on your path to being fit without breaking the bank. Lastly, the tanks we carry come fitted or loose to help you complete your desired activewear look. Mix and match to keep your style fresh and new, just like your workout! With limited stock available, you'll want to act fast. Whether you're starting a new regimen or simply looking to revamp your current one, why not add a fun new look to help jump start you to that next level! --


    Meghan L Westbrook

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  10. Wednesday, July 15, 2015 10:50:40 PM America/New_York

    You know love them, but how do you style them? There are no rules when it comes to style but guidelines rather.

    Let's talk options. Boyfriend style jeans are easy, comfy, and totally cute. Because they are loose fitting, you want to take note to keep your top half a bit more fitted. Too much loose can make you look and feel frumpy and less put together. You want to keep your look feminine since this style of denim has somewhat of a masculine feel. Do you crop top? If you answered yes, then pairing a crop top with your boyfriend jeans is a must. How about a silky cami under a tailored blazer?

    Perhaps a silky blouse, half tucked. Try a simple tee with an amazing pair of heels and a statement necklace. A peplum top looks very chic. Up for a little biker glam? Try a leather moto jacket for something a little more edgy!

    A relaxed blouse gives you a lady-like look that is easy breezy. Denim on denim is always in. On a chilly day, add a cropped sweater, cuff your boyfriend jeans, and put on a killer pair of peep toe booties! Make it your own. Give it a try and share your looks with us.

    We love to see and share what our customers come up with! Use hastags #sofistella or #lovesofistella!!

    Happy shopping! Meghan Westbrook

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
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