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  1. Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:31:24 AM America/New_York

    We are so excited for this summer's White Party that we can hardly stand it!  End of summer fashion and looks to take you right into fall will have you swooning this are we!  You bought your tickets, now what will you wear?  Still deciding on whether to come? We can add your name to the waiting list. 

    A White Party is exactly what it is, wearing white to a party.  Simple as that.  Let's go over some looks to help you take the term literal or make your own, very acceptable, variations on this.  
    Head to toe white is super chic.  A dress, romper, or jumpsuit is the easier solution to completing the task.  If you decide on two pieces for your top and bottom, consider mixing your fabrics.  White jeans with a silky blouse, lace shorts with a button down shirt, a chiffon or tulle skirt with a sheer body suit and white blazer.  Add dimension with something cream or off white. You can keep it casual with a white tee or tank of any style and fabric with white pants or denim.  (A light wash denim works too.)  Accessories will always help you dress up a look and don't be afraid to pop in a little color.  Like I said, there are no rules, just fun at our white party!
    If you are not 100% on wearing head to toe white, look for creams, blush, and light gray.  My mother chose for herself a pair of white capris, a light gray, silky cami, and a gorgeous white jacket.  She debated on a lovely light pink/blush top but the gray was super stunning for her look.  Another choice is a print or pattern that simply has a white base.  Maybe a white dress with a beautiful floral pattern.  Navy and white stripes, white with black polka dots, 
    We want you to be comfortable, so please do not feel like head to toe white is the absolute necessity to attend the party.  We are a fashion boutique, catering to fashionable women and women that just simply want to feel put together.  We have a ton in stock to help you with your needs and a create a look that best suits you.  Furthermore, please do not feel intimidated by the style choices of others.  We are all women empowering and inspiring each other.  We all have different styles that make us unique.  Laugh, enjoy, uplift, encourage, and learn from each other.  This is sure to be our best show ever and we are blessed and excited to see old faces and meet new faces this year.  We have the BEST customers and your continued support has helped us grow and develop over the years. 
    Cheers to this year's White Party and many, many more!
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  2. Wednesday, June 1, 2016 9:14:11 AM America/New_York

    Figuring out what to wear under certain pieces can be challenging.  Especially when we hit this warmer weather and clothing becomes backless and strapless.  To bare, or not to bare, that is the question.  

    It is totally ok to go without as long as its done tastefully.  Consider the material and your options.  Silicone cover ups are my go to when a top has a deep cut or no back.  This works well for tighter fitting clothing.  Don't let a strapless bra show, there is no greater fashion faux pas than showing your bra.  A bra is meant to support, not be an accessory, unless...ok, hold that thought and I'll get to that!  If you feel you need a little support in a new dress you can always take it to a tailor and have cups sewn in.  If you don't feel like spending the money, take the removable padding out of a swim suit or old sports bra and tack it in place yourself with a couple quick stitches or use double sided tape to keep the padding mobile and reusable.  Remember that corset you wore under your wedding dress you paid a pretty penny for?  Try it under a dress for added support that has a low cut back and isn't too tight.  You can also invest in a strapless & backless adhesive bra.  If you take care of it as directed, you can use it for years to come.  This will give you more support than the silicone cover ups alone, it just depends what your body needs.  


    Let's talk racerback...two options (if you don't want to go without)...invest in a racerback bra or strapless bra.  My first piece of advice is to buy this in a nude color so you can wear it under any color.  A convertible, nude, strapless bra gives you so many options with the oh so many ways you can change up the straps.  I highly recommend one as a staple piece.  If you can invest in a good racerback then grab one too but a convertible strapless will give you all the options.  These can be pricy but I have some alternatives.  A plain strapless will work in many occasions so you don't have to break your budget upgrading to the fancy multi-way.  You can grab some bra-converting clips for as little as $3 just about anywhere.  I have these!  Seriously!  They work great!  You can turn any bra into a racerback AND I have yet another use for you if you have little girls.  One thing that drives me insane is little girls bathing suits and bikinis falling down.  When my daughter was younger and the style of suit loosened up in the water or she needed one size for the bottoms but wasn't filling out the top, I would throw one on the back to keep her covered.  I've done this with camis and strappy dresses when moving to the next size was as must for practicality but fell loose yet in the wrong places.  An easy cardi or shrug will cover up the back, plus little girls think the heart shape is cute!


    When seeing the bra is part of the look....let's be clear...I'm not talking about seeing your leopard print through your sheer white blouse.  NO!   Bralettes and strappy back bras are great for loose fitting, backless tanks and tops.  They actually compliment the look versus wearing a regular bra with your plain straps showing.  The lacy or strappy detail can now become an accessory and help to complete an overall look while giving you the support that you need.  


    I've talked a lot about the top, but don't forget the bottom.  One last staple piece to aid in your wardrobe should be a great pair of seamless panties.  Say goodbye to lines and make sure you have something that gives you a sleek, hidden, option!  Seamless tanks and camis are great for cardigans, kimonos, and under loose tops that like to be clingy. 


    We have a lot of backless and strapless styles in stock.  If something has caught your eye but you've been debating what to wear under there, I hope these tips have enticed you and perhaps helped you reconsider taking the plunge into something fabulous! 


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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  3. Thursday, April 28, 2016 8:13:02 AM America/New_York


    Who doesn't love a party? Especially when you get to wear a party dress! Regardless of your style, there is always going to be some type of event that requires a little more dressing up than others.  Whether your style is tomboy or girly girl, we have got the dress for you.  

    Some amazing pieces just hit the floor this week and when you think it's amazing, so does everyone else.  Don't miss out on what's in store.  You can be the first to stop in, the first to call, or the first to checkout online, but don't wait.  Be the first to hit your event rocking something fabulous and unique!
    What's your party?  Wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, family reunion, company picnic, might just be date night!  I promise, we have exactly what you are looking for. And let's be real, sometimes you just buy a dress so fabulous with no place to wear it knowing one day, yes one day, I'm going to wear that dress! And if you don't, I said IF, there is always eBay.  
    We carry a variety of cuts, lengths, prints, and fabrics to suit your liking.  If you're feeling frumpy (let's face it, we all do sometimes) or want to be casual, grab a t-shirt dress and pair it with a bright necklace and sandals.  If you're feeling extra spicy, choose a more fitted option with some great lace.  You don't have to feel restricted to look good.  Something looser in a shift or empire waist cut will do.  Bodycon and sheath will be a tighter fit showing off those curves every woman should embrace and be proud of!  A full skirt or A-line dress gives you the perfect balance of both of these options.  When in doubt, go with a maxi.  Why you ask? It's easy.  You're covered from shoulder to toe and it's likely no one will see your feet if it's long enough making your shoe choice...well, less of a choice.  Add some statement earrings, a simple bangle and you're truly set.  Whether it's made of cotton or covered in lace, it's a maxi dress! That's a win in my book.  

    From little ones to not so little ones, we have styles to fit the age and the need.  We love to help you get styled for your event so come in, call, or email us your questions and we will get you ready to party!





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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  4. Thursday, April 7, 2016 7:03:26 AM America/New_York

    As temperatures begin to rise, we tend to get pretty excited.  Unfortunately here in the mitten state, Mother Nature likes to tease us a bit.  From 30 to 40 to 60 then back to 30...I don't know about you but this weather tends to give me whip lash!  We want spring already! The warm, crisp air, trees budding, birds chirping, and the smell of fresh grass being cut are just a few of my favorite things.  We've been covered up and locked in all winter so we are bursting at the seams for the weather to finally break.

    Let's get on with it and talk about how to dress.  Much like fall, layering is a great way to start.  You probably picked up some fun new pieces for your recent sunny vacation thinking they have to go back into your closet and patiently wait to be worn again.  Think again.  Tall boots are still very appropriate and on the days we have April showers, pair a cute floral or bright colored dress with your Wellies and you're set.  Midi and maxi skirts or dresses are perfect for spring because the longer length can provide a little added warmth and look chic with short booties.  A simple cami and cardi, a light weight sweater, or 3/4 sleeve blouse will help balance out any length skirt or cropped pants.  Flats, ankle booties, clogs, and peep toe mules will keep you tootsies much warmer than your pumps and wedges, so save those for just a bit yet.  Cuff your skinnies to break up the line and give your legs some dimension.
    Now is a fun time to mix and play with neutrals.  Did you give winter whites a try this year?  If not, bring them out now.  Soft whites and creams look so lovely with florals, bright colors, and soft blushes.  Black and tan is chic, while white and tan is crisp and polished.  
    Leggings paired with our fabulous tee shirt dresses is a must.  Add a print or solid color and throw on  a denim jacket for a look that's easy breezy.  In fact, a denim jacket is great this time of year.  Don't feel underdressed in one.  Your accessories and shoe choice can easily make a look casual or dressed up.  
    Date night doesn't have to mean a fancy dress or slacks with a blouse.  A bright or printed pair of shorts (try our scalloped options) with a simple long sleeved top gives the same effect as a little skirt while making it unique.  I personally love shorts with a cami or crop and a long kimono or cardi.   
    We have so much in store and online right now with much more to come.  Our new addition has been a blessing, which has allowed us to bring you more styles and pieces to suit your style and add to your wardrobe.  Graduations, showers, date night, ladies night out, or perhaps a simple makeover is what you're looking for and trust me, we have it all.  Stop in and see us.  We get excited to help you get ready for your event.  Additionally, you have our number...our Facebook, our Instagram...these are not just social media outlets for us to share new arrivals with you.  We are on social media to support you just as you support us.  Reach out, because we would love to hear from you and assist in your styling needs!  Don't forget to tag us when you post photos wearing Sofi Stella.  We take pride value and take pride in our customers and love to share your personal style on our accounts!  
    Spring is coming...are you ready?  I hope so, because we are already ordering for summer!
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  5. Thursday, March 10, 2016 7:04:43 AM America/New_York

    Last Friday, Sofi Stella hosted our best fashion show yet!  From the venue to the clothing, we definitely outdid ourselves and couldn't be more smitten.  For those of you who made it out, we thank you.  If you did not get a chance to attend, don't worry, we have many of the looks from our show in store.  

    What's trending this spring? More like, what isn't!  We like to bring a variety to our customers.  Whether you like to keep it casual, need something for work, pieces for vacation, or a gorgeous dress for an upcoming event, keeping diversity in the store is key so that we can truly cater to all style preferences.  Photo shoots, floor pics, and our blog, are intended not only to showcase the new arrivals but also give you ideas and options of different ways to style looks on your own.
    Denim is everywhere.  It's easy, breezy, and goes with everything.  
    Rompers and jumpsuits are here to stay for awhile.  One piece truly takes the guess work out of trying to match and coordinate pieces together.  The biggest decision you have to make is the shoes, and even that should not be complicated.  
    Bright colors and florals are in high demand this season.  If you're like me, you may have a consistent color scheme in your closet and tend to shy away from all that is bright.  Let me tell you, don't!  Do not be intimidated by bright patterns and prints.  Embrace them.  These colors are intended to light up a room so why not be that person that's brightening up someone's day?  It's ok to be loud especially if it lets your personality shine.  Be bold, be bright, and try something new this spring! 
    Scalloped shorts make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  Shorts don't have to be all about denim, even though we love classic denim shorts.  Colors, prints, and waist lines give you so many opportunities that will not disappoint.  You can rock heels in denim shorts, but you can OWN a dressy pair of black, high waisted, scalloped shorts in a gorgeous set of high heels! 
    Spring break is right around the corner.  Whether you are heading to the beach, hitting the slopes out west, enjoying a stay-cation, or having to work that week...we have pieces to get you set.  Of course, we cannot forget the littles this season with Easter coming up.  Be sure to check out the fabulous options in store for Easter attire, gifts, and so much more. Your one stop shop is only a jump, skip, or a click away to complete your shopping needs!  Get ready to rock your style this spring!
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  6. Thursday, February 18, 2016 6:52:52 AM America/New_York


    Mini Fashionistas


    Not only are we excited for women's spring arrivals, but we are swooning over spring fashion for little girls!  We have some exciting pieces in stock and much, much more that will be flooding in.
    An easy, yet stylish transition for little girls and tweens, is a simple tunic with printed leggings.  Tunics are great for adults and littles because they are longer in length.  Younger girls get the thrill of wearing a dress essentially, but without tights, since it pairs so well with leggings that come in exciting prints. Girls will love to throw on their boots and feel stylish in this easy and trendy look.  A little necklace makes the perfect addition to balance out a plain top, making your Little feel extra special!
    We know you've seen t-shirt dresses- we've posted them, we've blogged about them!  Little girls will love them too!  They look great with sandals and sneaks, while featuring pockets for tiny treasures.  These can also be worn with jeans and leggings in cooler temps. 
    Bell sleeves aren't just for women, they're made for little fashionistas too.  Paired with jeans or shorts, it's the perfect, young, Boho style.  Sandals and skinny headband will be the perfect touch.
    With Easter and spring around the corner, we have adorable dresses to choose from at many price points.  A cozy maxi, frilly floral, and kiddy couture, there are many options to suit your liking and hers.  Most of these fabulous little pieces come with matching headbands or bows to add on, but don't worry if it doesn't because there is much in store to choose from.  We know little girls love sunglasses and purses, and we think they make great gifts!
    You can view all of the new arrivals under the What's New/Girls tab or by clicking on the Children's tab.  We are gearing up for a very exciting Women's Spring Fashion Show as well as our Mommy, Me, Dolly & Tea Party- which are both sold out!  We truly love and appreciate all of our fantastic customers and we are beyond thrilled to bring you some amazing spring fashion over the next couple months.
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  7. Wednesday, January 27, 2016 8:57:58 PM America/New_York

    Stylish T-Shirt Dresses

    Trust me when I say, you need a t-shirt dress in your life.   For one, we've already completely sold out of them once and second, we just restocked so many colors you don't want to be left without one.
    On the casual side, pair with skinny jeans or leggings.  Add an easy pair of Chuck Taylor Converse and a long necklace.  Top it off with a slouchy beanie for a funky look.  Ugg boots or ankle booties would look equally cute.  Keep warm with a leather bomber or fitted jean jacket.  
    A great way to spruce up a t-shirt dress is to add a stunning bib or statement necklace.  Go bare legged with over the knee boots in cooler temps or a great pair of strappy wedges in warmth.  Vests and scarves are a great option for mixing up the look.
    I plan to wear mine as a coverup at the beach on vacation.  A cute pair of sandals with a big floppy sunhat finished off with a fabulous pair of sunglasses is a sure bet to keep you looking stylish at the resort.  The best has pockets! 
    With so many color options available, be sure to grab your t-shirt dress this week before they're gone!
    Meghan W.
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  8. Monday, January 18, 2016 8:40:17 AM America/New_York


    In just a couple months, many of us will be partaking in the ever coveted Spring Break!  We are also entering prime time to set sail on cruises.  With that said, all a gal truly needs is some fabulous resort wear.  Naturally, we've got you covered. 
    Not only are we anticipating a fabulous Spring Fashion Show and gearing up for an amazing event, we are also selectively bringing in spring fashion and resort wear to help you prepare for your trip.  Shorts, dresses, capris, tanks, you name it.  We have adorable sun hats and some Lilly Pullitzer items waiting in store.  Whether you like simplicity or some exciting prints, we have some cute new looks that are sure to have you being the talk of the resort.  
    Next weekend we are heading to Market to shop til we drop in search of exciting new fashion to bring home with us.  Be sure to get your Spring Fashion Show tickets on sale January 29th.  Be the first to shop these new looks before they sell out.  Every year in fashion gets even more exciting than the last.  2016 will not disappoint!
    Meghan L Westbrook
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  9. Thursday, December 31, 2015 6:49:51 AM America/New_York

    Do you feel like 2015 just flew by?  I sure do!  It’s hard to believe we just flew through the holidays and we are venturing into a new year.  Generally this is a time for two things, 1. Reflection and 2. Resolutions.   We reflect upon the past year with things we have done, memories we have made, and lessons we have learned.  Many of us think about the things that we need to work on and set goals for the new year.  Be more patient, be healthier, be more kind to others…just do better, am I right?  Does this sound like you?

    It’s important to reflect but not to dwell on the past.  Take the good with the bad and move on.  Like an old shirt, for example.  It may have seemed like a good idea to buy it at the time, yet you find it in your closet with the tags still on it now thinking, why?  Sadly, this happens to me often.  You need to look at the reasons as to why the tags remain intact.  Does it not fit, was it too trendy, was it impulsive, or do you simply have no clue how to style it?  In many cases, it’s the styling of a piece that is the problem.  But if it’s ugly, pitch it and pretend it never happened (I won’t tell!). 

    While you’re setting forth your goals and commitments (I prefer the term commitments), think of ways to not only “de-clutter” your mind and body, but how to “de-clutter” your life in general.  You’ll have to work on aspirations and desires on your own but there is one department we can definitely help you with.  Since we are a boutique, I’m talking about starting with your closet!  Get the clutter out.  It’s a New Year, and  New You.  Out with the old, and in with the new!

    Let’s take a look and see where you’re at…


    Closet Classics

    Black Pants

    Dress Shirt (French cuff is classic and chic)

    Black Pumps (Single Sole Heel)

    Day Dress

    Black Suit

    Evening Dress (think LBD)

    Dressy Jacket

    Evening Clutch

    Wrap or Scarf

    Strappy Sandals


    Fashion Staples


    Leather Moto

    Striped Shirt

    White Sneakers

    Diamond Studs

    Basic White Tee

    Jean Jacket

    White jeans

    Trench Coat

    Chic Sunglasses

    Ankle Boot

    Leather Skirt


    Over-the-knee Boots


    Do you have any of these items in your closet?  You don’t need to be into fashion or consider yourself stylish to own these key staple pieces.  The first list I prepared (after careful research) is an essentials list.  Every woman should have all 10 items on that list.  If you don’t, let’s talk!  The second list mixes classic and current.  While some of the items have been more recently on trend, it’s not something going away anytime soon and definitely should be considered staple pieces in your wardrobe.  Once you have narrowed down your closet to basic, timeless, and classic pieces, now it’s time to spice things up. 

    We carry every item (minus the shoes) from both lists in store.  Perhaps not all at the same time based on season, but there is no reason Sofi Stella can’t be your one stop shop to perfecting your closet.  One item I left off the list is a great seamless tank.  Just like seamless undergarments, a seamless tank or cami is essential in my opinion.  Our Tee’s by Tina collection is perfect.  Classic pieces most often are a splurge and that’s ok.  You want them to last a long time.  Quality is important.  At Sofi Stella we carry brands we trust and can sell with confidence.  We strive to bring you the hottest trends but certainly don’t skimp on the basics.  Regardless of your style preference, you will always find something in store or online.  I encourage you this year to think outside the box.  Try something in the fashion world you haven’t before.  You never know, you could start the newest trend!


    *On Sunday evening, we have teamed up with a group of fellow fashionistas on Instagram (bloggers and shops) to give one lucky winner an amazing prize to kick off the New Year.  Keep watch (literally) for details to enter via Instagram.  As always, we appreciate your continued support and greatly value your business.  Cheers to 2016!  Let’s make it our best year yet…Sofi Stella plans to!

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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
  10. Monday, December 14, 2015 6:48:16 AM America/New_York

    Styling Leggings

    Leggings have definitely made their way into the world of fashion over the last few years.  Sporty, comfy, and trendy they are, but let's talk about ways to wear them.  
    We have tons of leggings in store right now.  Mixed prints and patterns are fun and easy to pair with plain, basic tops.  Plain options complete the look of printed tops.  While a great pair of leggings can be comfort in your style, it's important to wear them responsibly.  Unless you're on your way to the gym, your top should cover your bottom.  While this is certainly my own opinion and a topic that is very controversial in the wonderful world of leggings, it is a simple rule of thumb I like to live by.  It is still most definitely what makes you feel most comfortable.  
    Long sweaters, button ups, and tunic tops are great to pair with leggings.  If you do have a cami or tee that is shorter, throw on a long cardigan or kimono to balance out the overall look.  Sweaters and capes can make you feel bulky, but pairing it with leggings rather than tight jeans, can really balance out the look.  
    We all know how fabulous it is to layer, and I mean layer upon leggings are the perfect go to for this.  Layers go beyond your top.  Adding tall socks, boot cuffs, or leg warmers over your leggings look great under tall boots and combat boots.  If your leggings are cropped, sneakers are fun while pumps are more sassy.  
    Leggings are tight, and can show more than you think.  From the front to the back, be conscious of what you're wearing underneath.  Something seamless is best if you are choosing a top that is a little shorter in length.  Because leggings are tight, they can literally be worn as tights.  Bring your summer dresses into cooler temps by adding leggings and a great jacket, cardi, or blazer.  
    With the holidays upon us, we have some great prints to keep you feeling festive through the winter.  This especially makes holiday styling simple.  Not only do we carry leggings for ladies, but we have some great options for littles as well.   Knowing how easy and comfortable they are for an adult, you can only imagine how popular they are for the young ladies as well.  Shop online or stop in! 
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    • Posted By: Josephine Archer
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