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White Party Attire!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:31:24 AM America/New_York

We are so excited for this summer's White Party that we can hardly stand it!  End of summer fashion and looks to take you right into fall will have you swooning this season...as are we!  You bought your tickets, now what will you wear?  Still deciding on whether to come? We can add your name to the waiting list. 

A White Party is exactly what it is, wearing white to a party.  Simple as that.  Let's go over some looks to help you take the term literal or make your own, very acceptable, variations on this.  
Head to toe white is super chic.  A dress, romper, or jumpsuit is the easier solution to completing the task.  If you decide on two pieces for your top and bottom, consider mixing your fabrics.  White jeans with a silky blouse, lace shorts with a button down shirt, a chiffon or tulle skirt with a sheer body suit and white blazer.  Add dimension with something cream or off white. You can keep it casual with a white tee or tank of any style and fabric with white pants or denim.  (A light wash denim works too.)  Accessories will always help you dress up a look and don't be afraid to pop in a little color.  Like I said, there are no rules, just fun at our white party!
If you are not 100% on wearing head to toe white, look for creams, blush, and light gray.  My mother chose for herself a pair of white capris, a light gray, silky cami, and a gorgeous white jacket.  She debated on a lovely light pink/blush top but the gray was super stunning for her look.  Another choice is a print or pattern that simply has a white base.  Maybe a white dress with a beautiful floral pattern.  Navy and white stripes, white with black polka dots, 
We want you to be comfortable, so please do not feel like head to toe white is the absolute necessity to attend the party.  We are a fashion boutique, catering to fashionable women and women that just simply want to feel put together.  We have a ton in stock to help you with your needs and a create a look that best suits you.  Furthermore, please do not feel intimidated by the style choices of others.  We are all women empowering and inspiring each other.  We all have different styles that make us unique.  Laugh, enjoy, uplift, encourage, and learn from each other.  This is sure to be our best show ever and we are blessed and excited to see old faces and meet new faces this year.  We have the BEST customers and your continued support has helped us grow and develop over the years. 
Cheers to this year's White Party and many, many more!