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Ponchos and Pullovers

Monday, October 12, 2015 6:58:25 AM America/New_York

Ponchos and Pullovers

You have probably noticed by now that ponchos are a major trend in Fall Fashion 2015.  A poncho is essentially a cape, and there is nothing more chic and fabulous than a cape.  You have the option of wearing a poncho as outerwear or as part of your essential wardrobe.  Either way, it's up to you, but it most certainly is a staple piece you'll want to add to your closet this season.  
If you follow our blog, you know that I talk a lot about layers.  Layers upon layers, in fact.  This is why I personally love fall fashion more than any other season.  As the temps begin to rise throughout the day, you simply peel off layers and continue to create new looks.  Think about that.  You get dressed in the morning and by the end of the day you may have shown off four different looks and styles.  It is challenging to stay trendy in chilly temps.  Remember my tip: always hide a statement necklace under your (blanket) scarf so that when you do take it off at some point, you aren't left feeling bare.  
Now, back to ponchos and why you need one.  It's an easy layering piece that requires minimal styling effort.  It typically doesn't matter what you wear underneath, especially if you plan to keep it on all day.  They are loose fitting, unlike a coat or a sweater, which will leave you feeling less restricted.  The design and style can help hide some of those unwanted areas as well.
A poncho can be worn casually or formally.  Add a little flare to a swanky pair of shorts or top off a sleek pair of pants.  There are so many colors, prints, designs, and cuts to choose from.  Stop in and see what Sofi Stella has in store for you.  
Let's move on to pullovers.  They can be fitted, loose, or oversized.  You can wear a tank or cami underneath if you don't plan to take it off throughout the day.  A collared shirt popping through looks ultra sophisticated.  It adds extra warmth and portrays an illusion of being more "dressed up".  
At Sofi Stella we strive to bring you the best as always.  We are closer to completing and unveiling our new addition in order to add more styles and fashion that you love.  Please, keep following us on Instagram, Facebook, our website, and visiting our blog.  Your support is appreciated and your style is upon you.    
Meghan L Westbrook