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Party Time!

Thursday, April 28, 2016 8:13:02 AM America/New_York


Who doesn't love a party? Especially when you get to wear a party dress! Regardless of your style, there is always going to be some type of event that requires a little more dressing up than others.  Whether your style is tomboy or girly girl, we have got the dress for you.  

Some amazing pieces just hit the floor this week and when you think it's amazing, so does everyone else.  Don't miss out on what's in store.  You can be the first to stop in, the first to call, or the first to checkout online, but don't wait.  Be the first to hit your event rocking something fabulous and unique!
What's your party?  Wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, family reunion, company picnic, heck...it might just be date night!  I promise, we have exactly what you are looking for. And let's be real, sometimes you just buy a dress so fabulous with no place to wear it knowing one day, yes one day, I'm going to wear that dress! And if you don't, I said IF, there is always eBay.  
We carry a variety of cuts, lengths, prints, and fabrics to suit your liking.  If you're feeling frumpy (let's face it, we all do sometimes) or want to be casual, grab a t-shirt dress and pair it with a bright necklace and sandals.  If you're feeling extra spicy, choose a more fitted option with some great lace.  You don't have to feel restricted to look good.  Something looser in a shift or empire waist cut will do.  Bodycon and sheath will be a tighter fit showing off those curves every woman should embrace and be proud of!  A full skirt or A-line dress gives you the perfect balance of both of these options.  When in doubt, go with a maxi.  Why you ask? It's easy.  You're covered from shoulder to toe and it's likely no one will see your feet if it's long enough making your shoe choice...well, less of a choice.  Add some statement earrings, a simple bangle and you're truly set.  Whether it's made of cotton or covered in lace, it's a maxi dress! That's a win in my book.  

From little ones to not so little ones, we have styles to fit the age and the need.  We love to help you get styled for your event so come in, call, or email us your questions and we will get you ready to party!