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Whats trending for FALL 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 8:01:27 AM America/New_York

Fall is almost officially here and we have some important business to discuss…what are the 2017 Fall Fashion Trends? Well, I’m glad you asked! We have some trends that are definitely still here to stay and some fun new looks on the rise. The ever coveted cold shoulder and off the shoulder style is still in full effect and only gets better with each new season. Our blush color we love so much is also still very on point and even moving slightly into a pale pink version. However, pink may take a backseat this fall because there is a hot new color in town. Red is most definitely the power color this fall. Whether it’s a simple pop of red or head to toe, you will want to get some red in your life this season. If you’re feeling a little bold, then grab yourself a pair of flats, ankle booties, or a killer pair of red OTK boots. A red coat will have you equally turning heads. Often we say that less is more, but from what I am seeing and hearing out there, the more red the better! I am a sucker for anything fur…fur lined, fur vest, fur coat. Fur is coming back again with a twist. Try something new and look for something vintage inspired with your fur. If you can’t find something vintage, don’t fret, any fur, as always, will do! How do you feel about fishnets? I mean, take me back to my tap dancing days, right? Wrong! Fishnets are in this season. I like to see them in place of tights or trouser socks under cropped or ankle length pants. You can vary this in many ways. You could wear them in place of tights under a dress as well. Add some OTK or ankle boots to complete the look. A few other trends that go hand in hand are 70’s plaid and retro hats.

We love plaid, we love hats…throwing a 70’s vibe on that makes it that much more fun if you ask me! Glitter, metallic, and leather, oh my! I saw a lot of this shopping in NYC recently but I couldn’t quite bring myself to make any sudden purchases. Gold and silver metallic boots were all over. I’ll leave them in the store for now, but hey, if you’re feeling it, grab a pair, you can’t go wrong! Leather studded anything is killer too. I perused over several leather clutches and small crossbodies with unique embellishment. Wide belts, florals, and mid lengths skirts aren’t anything new. Simple twists and variations on previous looks and trends simply vamp up your style game and your closet for something new and exciting. We talk about the importance of layering every year. Layers, upon layers, upon layers, right? Right! Layering is fun and helps you beat the temps this time of year. Cool mornings and evenings but warmer days make it difficult sometimes. Just make sure to grab your layers. For something fun, add layers of sheer for a little flare! It’s always exciting to see what’s on trend for the new season. I love to see how it compares to last year, the years prior, and date back to when we saw this trend last. I’'s thrilling how styles circle back around and I really enjoy the variations on these “comebacks” so to speak. With all that said, stop in and see us! We have new arrivals daily and several fall must-haves in store now and yet to come. We are gearing up for our next fashion show which will feature both women and children’s holiday and winter styles! This is a great event to bring your daughter too! Limited seating and tickets are going fast. Order online now! www.sofistella.com