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How to wear a blanket scarf!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 9:04:42 AM America/New_York

How to wear a blanket scarf...

Sofi Stella has blanket scarves in stock now.  Trust me, they go fast so don't be left without one this fall.  Priced on point, we have several styles available at less than department store prices!
How do you wear your blanket scarf?  There is truly no wrong way.  Besides, a scarf that serves a duo purpose is a staple piece meant to be in your fall wardrobe.  
A blanket scarf is a lot of fabric.  Don't be afraid.  First, try folding the scarf and wrap it around your neck as you would a bandana with the point down in front.  Wrap the ends around the back of your neck and bring back to the front.  Take each end through the top of the front V and pull down underneath.  Adjust fabric as needed and your set for one style.
Next, try a braid.  Start the same way as before.  Take one side and go through the top to bottom again.  This time, take the other side and weave it around the first to create a braided or weaved style.  This will also help alleviate some bunching up front and give a more polished look.  
Another simple style is to roll up your blanket scarf and simply wrap it around twice and tie in a simple, easy knot to bring the ends together creating the infinity look. 
Have you ever tried wearing a blanket scarf like a vest? It's easy.  Start with a  simple shirt and your best pair of denim.  Option one: let the blanket fall down your back and pull the ends over top of your shoulders.  Pull down and wrap a big, chunky belt around your waist. Simply pull and tug around to give the illusion of a high-low vest.  Second option: Start with it centered around the back of your neck and pull the ends forward down your frontside.  Wrap a belt around your waist.  Maneuver the scarf around to your back to finish the look.  
There are endless possibilities.  Have fun, get creative, and make it your own.  I can't stress enough how quickly these sell out, so hurry and grab one today. 
Happy Styling!  
Meghan L Westbrook