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What to wear under there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 9:14:11 AM America/New_York

Figuring out what to wear under certain pieces can be challenging.  Especially when we hit this warmer weather and clothing becomes backless and strapless.  To bare, or not to bare, that is the question.  

It is totally ok to go without as long as its done tastefully.  Consider the material and your options.  Silicone cover ups are my go to when a top has a deep cut or no back.  This works well for tighter fitting clothing.  Don't let a strapless bra show, there is no greater fashion faux pas than showing your bra.  A bra is meant to support, not be an accessory, unless...ok, hold that thought and I'll get to that!  If you feel you need a little support in a new dress you can always take it to a tailor and have cups sewn in.  If you don't feel like spending the money, take the removable padding out of a swim suit or old sports bra and tack it in place yourself with a couple quick stitches or use double sided tape to keep the padding mobile and reusable.  Remember that corset you wore under your wedding dress you paid a pretty penny for?  Try it under a dress for added support that has a low cut back and isn't too tight.  You can also invest in a strapless & backless adhesive bra.  If you take care of it as directed, you can use it for years to come.  This will give you more support than the silicone cover ups alone, it just depends what your body needs.  


Let's talk racerback...two options (if you don't want to go without)...invest in a racerback bra or strapless bra.  My first piece of advice is to buy this in a nude color so you can wear it under any color.  A convertible, nude, strapless bra gives you so many options with the oh so many ways you can change up the straps.  I highly recommend one as a staple piece.  If you can invest in a good racerback then grab one too but a convertible strapless will give you all the options.  These can be pricy but I have some alternatives.  A plain strapless will work in many occasions so you don't have to break your budget upgrading to the fancy multi-way.  You can grab some bra-converting clips for as little as $3 just about anywhere.  I have these!  Seriously!  They work great!  You can turn any bra into a racerback AND I have yet another use for you if you have little girls.  One thing that drives me insane is little girls bathing suits and bikinis falling down.  When my daughter was younger and the style of suit loosened up in the water or she needed one size for the bottoms but wasn't filling out the top, I would throw one on the back to keep her covered.  I've done this with camis and strappy dresses when moving to the next size was as must for practicality but fell loose yet in the wrong places.  An easy cardi or shrug will cover up the back, plus little girls think the heart shape is cute!


When seeing the bra is part of the look....let's be clear...I'm not talking about seeing your leopard print through your sheer white blouse.  NO!   Bralettes and strappy back bras are great for loose fitting, backless tanks and tops.  They actually compliment the look versus wearing a regular bra with your plain straps showing.  The lacy or strappy detail can now become an accessory and help to complete an overall look while giving you the support that you need.  


I've talked a lot about the top, but don't forget the bottom.  One last staple piece to aid in your wardrobe should be a great pair of seamless panties.  Say goodbye to lines and make sure you have something that gives you a sleek, hidden, option!  Seamless tanks and camis are great for cardigans, kimonos, and under loose tops that like to be clingy. 


We have a lot of backless and strapless styles in stock.  If something has caught your eye but you've been debating what to wear under there, I hope these tips have enticed you and perhaps helped you reconsider taking the plunge into something fabulous!