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Fashion Show Recap

Friday, August 25, 2017 8:17:16 AM America/New_York

2 Weeks ago Sofi Stella featured over 100 new pieces at our annual White Party Fashion Show. Everything was perfect from the venue, to the models, the staff, and of course our guests! While several items have already sold out, there is still so much in store waiting for you. At this show, we aim to feature end of summer styles as well as what's new for fall this season. The colors this time of year may still be bright and vibrant but are perfect to snatch up for those end of season events, upcoming fall getaways, and of course to incorporate into your fall wardrobe with layering. We are all about the layers and super cute jackets to fight the morning chill as we head into the back to school season. Cold shoulder, off the shoulder, and ruffles are here to stay. If you haven't bit the bullet yet, now is the time! We have some fabulous tops and dresses in these styles available. Gorgeous dresses are waiting for you too. So many cuts, lengths, and prints for you to choose from. Do you have any end of summer or fall weddings coming up? Grab something from Sofi Stella and be sure to turn heads. Lace detail is so classy and always adds something extra to a piece. We also have some very dressy rompers as well. Not feeling a romper? Then jump into a jumpsuit! We always have great jumpsuits but this season, I don't think we have ever had as many that are so amazing as what we showcased last week. The walk through style maxi is where it's at right now. Imagine it, a romper that is short in the front and long in the back from a sheer skirt that splits open in the front! Sounds pretty spectacular right?!? This trend is on point and you know you can find it at Sofi Stella. We have talked about our boutique jeans in the past but just in case your new to us, let me tell what you're missing!

We carry a line that is so perfect you'd think they were $200+ designer jeans. If I'm being totally honest, they are even better than the $200 designer pair in my closet! They have just the right amount of stretch that doesn't leave you stretched out as the day carries on. From plain, distressed, and frayed at the ankle, we have many options for you to try on that are very true to size. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with new arrivals. We post new arrivals daily and you don't want to miss them! Stop in or shop online today to bring some exciting pieces into your closet and get a head start on your fall wardrobe!