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2015 Year End Blog

Thursday, December 31, 2015 6:49:51 AM America/New_York

Do you feel like 2015 just flew by?  I sure do!  It’s hard to believe we just flew through the holidays and we are venturing into a new year.  Generally this is a time for two things, 1. Reflection and 2. Resolutions.   We reflect upon the past year with things we have done, memories we have made, and lessons we have learned.  Many of us think about the things that we need to work on and set goals for the new year.  Be more patient, be healthier, be more kind to others…just do better, am I right?  Does this sound like you?

It’s important to reflect but not to dwell on the past.  Take the good with the bad and move on.  Like an old shirt, for example.  It may have seemed like a good idea to buy it at the time, yet you find it in your closet with the tags still on it now thinking, why?  Sadly, this happens to me often.  You need to look at the reasons as to why the tags remain intact.  Does it not fit, was it too trendy, was it impulsive, or do you simply have no clue how to style it?  In many cases, it’s the styling of a piece that is the problem.  But if it’s ugly, pitch it and pretend it never happened (I won’t tell!). 

While you’re setting forth your goals and commitments (I prefer the term commitments), think of ways to not only “de-clutter” your mind and body, but how to “de-clutter” your life in general.  You’ll have to work on aspirations and desires on your own but there is one department we can definitely help you with.  Since we are a boutique, I’m talking about starting with your closet!  Get the clutter out.  It’s a New Year, and  New You.  Out with the old, and in with the new!

Let’s take a look and see where you’re at…


Closet Classics

Black Pants

Dress Shirt (French cuff is classic and chic)

Black Pumps (Single Sole Heel)

Day Dress

Black Suit

Evening Dress (think LBD)

Dressy Jacket

Evening Clutch

Wrap or Scarf

Strappy Sandals


Fashion Staples


Leather Moto

Striped Shirt

White Sneakers

Diamond Studs

Basic White Tee

Jean Jacket

White jeans

Trench Coat

Chic Sunglasses

Ankle Boot

Leather Skirt


Over-the-knee Boots


Do you have any of these items in your closet?  You don’t need to be into fashion or consider yourself stylish to own these key staple pieces.  The first list I prepared (after careful research) is an essentials list.  Every woman should have all 10 items on that list.  If you don’t, let’s talk!  The second list mixes classic and current.  While some of the items have been more recently on trend, it’s not something going away anytime soon and definitely should be considered staple pieces in your wardrobe.  Once you have narrowed down your closet to basic, timeless, and classic pieces, now it’s time to spice things up. 

We carry every item (minus the shoes) from both lists in store.  Perhaps not all at the same time based on season, but there is no reason Sofi Stella can’t be your one stop shop to perfecting your closet.  One item I left off the list is a great seamless tank.  Just like seamless undergarments, a seamless tank or cami is essential in my opinion.  Our Tee’s by Tina collection is perfect.  Classic pieces most often are a splurge and that’s ok.  You want them to last a long time.  Quality is important.  At Sofi Stella we carry brands we trust and can sell with confidence.  We strive to bring you the hottest trends but certainly don’t skimp on the basics.  Regardless of your style preference, you will always find something in store or online.  I encourage you this year to think outside the box.  Try something in the fashion world you haven’t before.  You never know, you could start the newest trend!


*On Sunday evening, we have teamed up with a group of fellow fashionistas on Instagram (bloggers and shops) to give one lucky winner an amazing prize to kick off the New Year.  Keep watch (literally) for details to enter via Instagram.  As always, we appreciate your continued support and greatly value your business.  Cheers to 2016!  Let’s make it our best year yet…Sofi Stella plans to!